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What do you aspire to achieve with your career? I consult with executives who seek to start each day inspired to drive differentiated value and impact through the companies they work for, and teams they lead, to the customers they target.

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Why Invest in Executive Coaching?

By: Ron Bates

Managing Principal & Co-Founder
Executive Advantage Group, Inc.

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I've dedicated my career to helping companies and the executives who work for them achieve their potential. My goal is to inspire you to think differently about your company's vision, its culture, and your career by posing the following questions:

  • What are you doing to ask bigger questions and lean into bigger problems?

  • Are you doing everything possible to achieve what you envisioned for your company and your career?

  • Are you inspired by a purpose that drives what you do?

Whether it's on a plane flight, commute, golf course, or a quiet moment to themselves, at some point in the year, every executive finds themselves taking pause to contemplate how they enable their company to deliver
differentiated value to the marketplace.

I believe a fulfilling career starts first and foremost with not letting any excuse, individual, or thing, stand in the way of achieving one's career potential, and that belief drives everything I do. In the absence of this, an executive is at risk of achieving success while being unfulfilled, unhappy, and stressed. No one wants to be in a position to ask themselves, "I wonder what my career would be like if I'd done more with it?"

How I Coach

Whether I'm working with companies or executives, everything I do is focused on helping them do 5 things:

  1. Know what you've done - by deconstructing, reconstructing, and assessing the value you've delivered.

  2. Know your potential - by rediscovering and clearly articulating how you've delivered value, and your potential to deliver differentiated value.

  3. Know the purpose behind your value - by rediscovering and articulating why you do what you do.

  4. Identify and close the gaps to achieve your potential.

  5. Act! Knowledge is inert. Acting on what you know to close gaps and achieve your potential is what counts.

What I Do

To realize my vision, I wear 3 synergistic hats: Sales Performance Coach (+27 years); Executive Coach (+19 years); Retained Executive Search (+19 years) all built on a foundation of Business Process Reengineering. Having coached executives and sales teams all over the world, I consult with companies who aspire to build corporate cultures that inspire their employees. I guide clients in how to identify, creatively communicate, and position their differentiated value to inspire and capture new business to include capturing prospective Leaders who will help achieve their Vision. I speak to anyone who will listen. I work to be my own best case study, practicing everything I preach.

  • I am Unconventional: From messaging to the scope of executive and client engagement, challenge every Leader's perception of the status quo by asking bigger questions. Shake things up by offering new perspectives that give leaders a chance to lean into bigger problems. Only when you see or hear things in a new way will you see a bigger picture.

  • Networking = Collaboration: 50 million executives can't be wrong. For almost 2 decades, I've collaborate with our extensive executive network on an unprecedented scale, because they know more and they know where the bodies are buried.

What are executives saying?

Michael J.T. Steep
SVP Global Operations
PARC - A Xerox Company

A major benefit of working with Ron specifically is his objectivity, and thanks to Ron's honest objectivity, I didn't need to worry about just having my ego stroked. Ron drives an extremely objective, tool based, and metrics driven process. The benefit I extracted out of being able to go back through reconstruction of my career and identification of the quantified value I've delivered through my various roles has been huge. Ron's framework not only keeps you focused on mapping and communicating your value, it enables you to assess whether or not you're increasing your value proposition or if you're off track in the eyes of a prospective employer. Today's marketplace demands, especially in technology driven markets, are so extreme because of new disruptive business models. You have to be on your toes to understand how to create and communicate a value proposition, not just for yourself, but also on behalf of a prospective employer's company.

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John Vossoughi
VP/GM Sales
Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group, Intel Corporation

I've had some very good coaches in my life, I've had communication coaches, executive mentors, and others who have all in some way as individuals have been flawed, and Ron is no different. The critical differentiation is that Ron's process - is not flawed. Ron's system takes the person and breaks them down and then builds them up. In simple terms, Ron has a better system than anything I've ever seen. Whether you're in sales or not, we all think we're outstanding sales people, and that we know how to position our value well. The best executives are the worst at selling themselves. We often lack the self-awareness to know how we're being perceived. You need objective help to deconstruct your past to become self-away of your skills and value, and you need help in how to package it all in a way so it's applicable to a wide audience. Ron's process and system help you deconstruct your career, rediscover your value, and empowers you with the ability to articulate your strengths to anybody, and apply them to the environment you'd like to be in.

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Joseph Kozak
Senior Vice President
Oracle Corporation

After explaining his process, I immediately saw the value of employing Ron's services. This is the best exercise. Previously, I'd thought my early career would just be perceived as an afterthought. Ron made me think way beyond how my most recent executive roles defined my unique skill-set and value proposition to understand how my entire career experience has been leveraged and built upon resulting in the unique value I'm able to deliver in business situations. Ron's process categorizes your experience into relevant points articulated in the context of specific executive skills you've developed and built upon throughout the course of your entire career. You're able to articulate your value proposition in a way that goes beyond just describing -what- you've accomplished to being able to articulate - how.

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Raymond Dimas
Acting VP Business Sectors
Carl Zeiss Meditec Consultant

Working through a detailed process with Ron has resulted in a paradigm shift in how I view and express my career experience. It has empowered me with a results focused ability to articulate my own success and improved how I lead and manage individuals, teams, and organizations by identifying key quantified deliverables and how we enabled their achievement. One of the key results I value is an increased insight into my own value proposition, and how to articulate it in a compelling way. If you are looking to take your career to the next level, I highly recommend going through Ron's executive process. You are going to better understand your career and executive value proposition better than you ever have. You will also be better able to articulate organizational goals, objectives and results with increased effectiveness.

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Francis Chow
Chief of Staff
Storage and Availability Business Unit, VMware, Inc.

As a career Semiconductor industry Executive, I was recently looking to make a huge change in my career; one that would allow me to move into a different industry with more runway versus the cyclic and consolidating industry in which I'd spent much of my career. Ron guided me through a process that enabled me to successfully move from the semiconductor industry into the software industry by repurposing my career experiences, and not only identifying, but also repositioning my unique value proposition. Especially for someone looking for a change, whether it out of an industry or company they've been in for a long time, where they might have become numb to all of what they've done, engaging Ron as an Executive Coach and going through his process is very valuable.

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Stephen Dawson
Vice President Finance
(HW Systems and Systems Operations), Oracle Corporation

Forest for the trees wise, it's easy to focus on just execution and yet never take a step back to see the greater impact you deliver to a company. Ron's structured approach helps you peel apart the onion, one role at a time, answering specific questions that enabled me to introspectively evaluate what had I done and the value I delivered. In many cases, I could identify specific tangible results I had previously been unable to articulate. For me, reflecting back on and realizing of how big some of my roles have been as a function of the amount of impact and value I was driving for the organization was a huge benefit.

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