How We Deliver Value

How we help companies, and the executives who work for them, achieve their potential is by identifying and closing gaps relative to where they are today and the transformational business outcomes they're trying to achieve. We drive client dialog that inspires others to think differently about their company's vision, its culture, their team, customer acquisition, and their careers, and how to close the gaps to achieve their vision. Our entire approach focuses on how to inspire action.

How We Deliver Value – and Inspire Action

By inspiring you to think differently about your company's vision, its culture, your team, and your career, we open the door to identifying the gaps between where you are today relative to the vision you're trying to achieve and the transformational business outcomes that will advance you towards your vision.

We uniquely developed and leverage an unconventional approach built on a foundation of business process reengineering and marketing principals to identify, capture, and develop prospective Leaders who will help achieve a client's vision.

We work with clients who seek to start each day inspired to drive differentiated value and impact through their employer and teams they lead, to the customers they target.

We help our clients dial-in 5 key attributes:

  1. Know what you've done - by deconstructing, reconstructing, and assessing the value you've delivered.

  2. Know your potential - by rediscovering and clearly articulating how you've delivered value, and your potential to deliver differentiated value.

  3. Know the purpose behind your value - by rediscovering and articulating why you do what you do.

  4. Identify and close the gaps to achieve your potential.

  5. Act! Knowledge is inert. Acting on what you know to close gaps and achieve your potential is what counts.

Our entire approach focuses on how to inspire action.

We are Unconventional

From messaging to outreach, to the scope of executive and client engagement, we challenge every Leader's perception of the status quo by asking bigger questions. We shake things up by offering new perspectives that give leaders a chance to lean into bigger problems. Only when you see or hear things in a new way will you see a bigger picture.

Networking = Collaboration

50 million executives across 60+ industries can't be wrong. For almost 2 decades, we've taken an unconventional approach to building and collaborating with our extensive executive network on an unprecedented scale, because they know more and they know where the bodies are buried.

Delivering differentiated value and impact - every day

Our Principals consult with companies who aspire to build corporate cultures that inspire their employees. We guide clients in how to identify, creatively communicate, and position their differentiated value to inspire and capture new business to include capturing prospective Leaders who will help achieve their Vision. We speak to anyone who will listen. We work to be our own best case study, practicing everything we preach.

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