Client Example:
Wireless Solutions Provider

Client Example:
Wireless Solutions Provider
$134M DASAN Zhone Technologies

Our Client: DASAN Zhone Technologies

DASAN Zone Technologies (formerly Zhone Technologies) designs, develops and manufactures communications network equipment for telecommunications, wireless and cable operators worldwide. DASAN Zhone Technologies believes that these network service providers can increase their revenues and lower their operating costs by using their products to deliver high quality video and interactive entertainment and Internet Protocol (IP) enabled next generation voice services in addition to their existing voice and data service offerings, all on a platform that permits a seamless migration from legacy technologies to a converged packet-based architecture.

Since our partnership began in 2007, we've been retained to file leadership roles across numerous areas within the DASAN Zhone Technologies organization to include: Global Customer Service, Engineering, Product Management, User Experience, Software Development, Test, and Applications organizations.

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We haven't used any of the large major executive search firms since we started using Executive Advantage Group in 2007. I know that I can count on them to get the job done. It really comes back down to the value Executive Advantage Group brings to the process: their superior industry expertise, their direct engaged involvement, and their unparalleled ability to consistently network to the best candidates across any industry or discipline we've needed to recruit over the years. You can't beat their track record. Over the years, we have never seen anyone compete with Executive Advantage Group's reach. Their broad industry network of contacts combined with their unique networking driven methodology produces unparalleled candidate population coverage. Compared to sourcing alternatives that exist today, Executive Advantage Group takes a hugely differentiated approach by marketing an opportunity - not simply doing a "search". Just like when you market products you're trying to create lead flow. You market to a primary population, and then through viral networking and referral you gain access and exposure to a much larger more targeted secondary population creating a high caliber candidate response that benefits the employer. No one does what they do. [Their] powerful methodology really leverages the whole social and viral networking paradigm people have been trying to benefit from piecemeal on LinkedIn and other platforms from an HR perspective, and this capability isn't new to Executive Advantage Group; they have been successfully executing this methodology for almost 10 years. Their approach is so much more proactive. By directly marketing out to such a large audience (+500,000 industry contacts), and then those individuals reaching out in turn; it had a domino effect that kept spreading. The importance of [their] viral reach can't be understated, and the response you get back can't be compared to any other recruiting exposure. One recruiter or a staff of recruiters making calls and working inside their database can't hope to compete with this. We've had successful results with Executive Advantage Group on every project we've given them.

Laura Larsen, Director, Human Resources & Administration, DASAN Zhone Technologies, Inc.

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