Client Example:
Advance Automotive Systems

Client Example:
Advanced Automotive Systems
$23.8B FLEX LTD.

Our Client: FLEX LTD. (Automotive Business Segment)

With few exceptions, FLEX's (formerly Flextronics) industry focus spans across virtually all technology domains from a global design, manufacturing, supply chain, software and services perspective. Their approach is consultative and solutions focused. FLEX is the “brand behind the brand”. Examples are numerous and range from producing products for HP, Dell, Apple, Microsoft, Nike, et al.; to participating in the manufacturing of 1 in 4 washing machines purchased in the U.S. and Europe today; to FLEX's Medical segment clients enjoying #1 and #2 market share with the products FLEX manufactures for them; to with over 35,000 kiosks, FLEX designed and built the Redbox video rental kiosk. With a global employee population of over 200,000 people, FLEX has the most collaborative team oriented employee culture of any client we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Since 2011 we’ve had the good fortune of working with multiple FLEX senior executive hiring authorities on numerous search projects spanning an array of Industries.

Client Quote:

"We recently retained Executive Advantage Group to conduct a confidential search for an Automotive Business Segment President. I have used a lot of different firms in the course of my career both large firms as well as boutiques. My experience has been that you don't get the same level of attention or quality of service and you can have a tendency to get lost in the shuffle with the large firms. We have a unique culture that's very important to us. We like to work with someone who gets what we're all about and what's important to us quickly, especially with respect to our company culture. Ron and Michael have actual "been there done that" career experience. Their experience enabled them to understand the importance of what we needed and translate it into candidates that reflected this understanding. Ultimately it really made the process much more efficient when you've already been through this definition in the beginning. Once you've been through the process you really see the value in what they do. Speed is important. Getting the right candidates across the table as soon as possible is critical. They got a lot of candidates to us quickly, and they're cost effective. We retained them to fill one position, and were able to actually fill 2 roles with the 5 finalists they had submitted in the first 30 days of the search. They were incredibly responsive, and made themselves available to us whenever we needed to interact. I would absolutely recommend them to others. It was a great overall experience working with them."
Paul Humphries, President, High Reliability Solutions, FLEX LTD.

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